Servicio de Sampleo - Live @ Salón Patrimonial, Mz.14
Direction: Ricardo Delgado Garcés
Sound: Alfredo Ramírez Raymond
Visuals: Juanjo Huerta

ENTANGLEMENTS: Survival's Not Fair from Guoda Šulskytė on Vimeo.

Creative Director and Film: Guoda Sulskytė
Quote from Samuel Becket’s play Endgame (1957)
Voice: Polina Cold
Sound and actor: Alfredo Ramírez Raymond

On April 2020, after a repatriation flight, I was locked up for two weeks in a nice hotel in Quito. The room had an absurd amount of pillows where I hid until they let me go to my house in Guayaquil. Thank you Vladi Kusijanović for recording the live!

(tsumshhzsuh) from Ro Soria on Vimeo.

Visuales: Rocío Soria Díaz (@erre4ab1)
Sound: Alfredo Ramírez

RAE 2017 - Volcán Chimborazo from JAG Studio on Vimeo.
Video: JAG Studio
Sound: Alfredo Ramírez

This was the first instrument I made and then we promoted with the great Memi Moreira. DIY forever.