MOLTN.Space is a design studio and open platform for learning, exploring, and creating focused on material transformation and circularity.

These are the results from our first explorations with recycled plastics and remanufactured metals:

We decided to work with reclaimed plastic in this series because in less than 100 years it has become one of the most abundant materials on Earth and is emblematic of human ability to manipulate matter.

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In MOLTN, we realize that the relationship of our societies and economies with the natural world is broken. We are aware that rethinking goes far beyond replacing a few problematic materials or energy sources. That's why we decided to always work in collaboration with material handlers and creators of new languages, as well as positioning ourselves at the center of the industrial ecology of Guayaquil-Durán. In MOLTN, we seek to investigate new ways of doing things, developing practices more aligned with the Earth. We are a space for learning, exploring, and creating.

MOLTN is Alfredo Ramírez Raymond, Lucas Neira, María Verónica Paszkiewicz, Juan Jiménez. Founded in 2021 by Alfredo and Guoda Šulskytė