(Clumsily) Impersonating CCTV

Not complety sure of what I made happen here... speculative something/playful engament.

Nevertheless, here is a video of me clumsily impersonating different types of CCTV cameras around London banks in Canary Wharf, London Bridge and New Cross. All wraped in one of my favorite Sun Ra songs, so that it is nice to see :)

Special thanks to Chiara Di Leone for following me around recording everything from the outside.

Unexpected analog photo of the first prototype by Ioustini Drakoulakou

This project could’ve been framed as an exploration of surveilled spaces and its responses, censorship, ontology of CCTV, how much agency do you have in censoring yourself and so on but I think it is more interesting just as a playful clash between the imaginary/speculative and quotidian life.