Brújulas -Compasses- was a 6-month design-oriented problem-solving programme for Guayaquil-based NGO Niños con Futuro, it ran in parallel and as complement of Ecuador’s national curriculum. On it, high school students were given the challenge of creating a project that addressed a problematic situation that is close to them and their communities. The programme climaxed in an event where the students presented their proposals in a stage shared with representatives from other NGOs, education startups and live music. Brújulas was intended as an experience, a shock into acknowledging how valuable their ideas are. 

Designer Daniela Mora doing a workshop on organizing content for news outlets with a group of students interested in making information more accessible and engaging.

Group “Soy Miranda” created an audiovisual experience that highlighted moments in a girl’s upbringing where male-centered values were impossed in order to create awareness of gender inequality.

Inspired by Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy, Brújulas asks students to delve in the collective knowledge already present in the community to generate new understandings and be more critical about the education that they are receiving. It aimed to be an instance where education responds to the needs of its community, in this case, one that had been consistently and systematically neglected.